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    Macro to Add Limit Tolerance

    Kevin Partridge

      I am looking to create a macro that will add limit tolerances to a highlighted dimension. I need this to work in both the model and drawing.


      I am having problems with the macro not working in the drawing. The macro will also delete any text or symbol associated with the dimension (like R or Diameter Symbol).


      The image below shows the code I have so far- this is the result of the macro recording I did of changing the dimension properties.

      forum picture.PNG

      If anyone could supply some information on how to edit the code that would be greatly appreciated.

      The macro needs to:

      1.) Add Limit Tolerances to selected dimension (should have effect as shown below).

      2.) Work on both Drawing and Model Dimensions

      3.) Not delete any pre existing text or symbols in the dimension


      The picture below shows the desired effect:

      forum picture 2.PNG