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Sketching and sweeping on spherical surface

Question asked by Valerie Whitlatch on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by Jamil Snead



Hi I am trying to create a broken sphere to have 3D printed, with 6 individual "broken" parts/solid bodies that will be each printed individually to fit together to form a sphere. My first attempt at creating this is attached, I just did a simple sketch on a plane tangential to the surface of the sphere and extruded cut it almost halfway down the sphere. Although with this method I could repeat this process on the other side and just extrude cut both sides to the center and then make one more extruded cut straight through the middle, but I do not wish to have straight cuts through this part all the way through.


Ideally I would like to have something similar to the above image, where the pieces are shaped radially from the center of the sphere. I don't know what the best technique for going about this would be. I would like to created a few random sketches on the surface of the sphere and then loft cut them to the center of the sphere. Is this even possible?



Thanks for your help!