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changes not updating in a mirrored part

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by Mike Helsinger

Hi all,


Lots of posts on this topic - but I did not see anything that answers my question...  Hopefully you can.


I am on 2015.  I created a mirrored part in an assy as an opposite hand version.


(what does "isolate selected component" do?)


I got my part and I am happy, but I needed to make a change in the original part.  The change is not reflected in my mirrored part.  So, I edit the MirrorComponent feature and look through the selections and my preview shows the change I made.  I happily click "ok" or "done" and the change doesn't stick - the left hand part reverts to before the change.  I tried all kinds of things - the result is always the same; the preview looks great, but the model is old and unchanged.


Any hints?