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    changes not updating in a mirrored part

    Nathan Rollins

      Hi all,


      Lots of posts on this topic - but I did not see anything that answers my question...  Hopefully you can.


      I am on 2015.  I created a mirrored part in an assy as an opposite hand version.


      (what does "isolate selected component" do?)


      I got my part and I am happy, but I needed to make a change in the original part.  The change is not reflected in my mirrored part.  So, I edit the MirrorComponent feature and look through the selections and my preview shows the change I made.  I happily click "ok" or "done" and the change doesn't stick - the left hand part reverts to before the change.  I tried all kinds of things - the result is always the same; the preview looks great, but the model is old and unchanged.


      Any hints?





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          Mike Helsinger

          Isolate Selected Component will hide all components in the assembly that are not selected (can select single or multiple).  A box will come up saying Exit Isolate that will bring all hidden components back.  It's a good way to temporarily get everything else out of your way so you can observe exactly what you want.


          I'm not too familiar with the Mirror Component feature, it's not part of what I normally do.  I wonder if you just need to rebuild?  And I recommend a Ctrl+Q rebuild, it's more through in some situations.  Also if you are using configurations make sure you have the proper features suppressed / unsuppressed in the correct configurations.  And my apologies if you have already examined these items.

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              Nathan Rollins

              Mike - thanks for the response...


              I am familiar with Isolate - but there is a check box in the MirrorComponent dialog that says "Isolate" and I checked it / unchecked it and cannot see what it does.  It does not put you into Isolate mode in the assy... that is what I thought it would do - so you can more easily see the component you just mirrored...?  Not so.


              I did try ctrl-Q and as I said "all kinds of things" - but alas, not  ALL  kinds,  There was one thing I did not try. I went up to the top level assy and was fixing some appearances in the newly mirrored component and I think I went to "Edit Part" in the assy and upon exiting edit mode, the new cut was there.  Voila! I am really not sure what I did or why it worked, but I am all set for now.  My guess is, since the TLA has lots of references down to the parts, there needed to be a rebuild from the top for the change to propagate.  But, that is just a guess.


              Thanks for reading.