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Import Autocad Circuits into SolidWorks

Question asked by Linh-Chi Nguyen on May 11, 2015


I am importing Autocad files (dwg and dxf) into SolidWorks. Most of the times, the autocad files can be imported and be transformed into a 3D models without problems.

However, some files are electrical circuits drawn in autocad with lines.

For now, the only way I have managed to import those files into a 3D model, is to create a bidirectionnal offset to those circuit lines, and trim the intersecting lines.

This could be done with a small circuit of 10 traces, but with a circuit of 100 traces, this manual method doesn't work at all (too long to offset and to trim, and too many mistakes)


Has anybody found a better way to import Autocad lines and make it into a feature more easily than my method?


thank you and have a nice day




Linh-Chi Nguyen