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How to get a proper hardening factor

Question asked by Eric Li on May 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Zhang Yu

Hello, everyone

     I have some questions about hardening factor. I got its description in Solidworks simulation help document.

  • Hardening Factor defines the proportion of kinematic and isotropic hardening.
  • For pure isotropic hardening, Hardening Factor has the value 0. The radius of the yield surface expands but its center remains fixed in deviatoric space.
  • For pure kinematic hardening, Hardening Factor has the value 1. The radius of the yield surface remains constant while its center can move in deviatoric space.


I feel confused about this parameter, because I cannot find a similar factor in ANSYS. In ANSYS, it just uses two seperate models to discribe isotropic hardening and kinematic hardening, no partial isotropic hardening and partial kinematic hardening. So I doubt about the meaning of hardening factor for engineering application, do we need to make the simulaiton complicated?


Anyway, if I want to get hardening factor, what experiment should I do? 


Thanks a lot.