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Corrupt Windows User Profile Prevents SW From Functioning

Question asked by Greg Hyman on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by Lucas Dawson

Out of the blue, my new installation of SW2015 stopped functioning.

It would launch, but any attempt to load a model or assembly, or to create a new file, would cause SW to crash, and give a "SolidWorks has encountered an error" msgbox (NOT a standard windows msgbox, but a SW box.)


Our VAR spent 90 minutes doing a remote login to attempt to fix it.  After failing to resolve it, he informed me that it is a known issue that is caused by a "Corrupt Windows User Profile."


His solution was to tell me to have a new user account put on the machine, and told me that would resolve the issue.


This machine is less than 2 months old, and a quick scan with ccleaner and System File Checker revealed no issues with the registry.


I had our IT department set up a new user account, and now SW appears to work fine again.


Prior to this, there was no issue with the machine or any other piece of software on it - a quick look through the registry for my user account showed no issues or garbage entries.


I am spending the day setting up my email, network shortcuts, templates, preferences, etc.


I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced Windows suddenly having a corrupt user profile with no other apparent symptoms other than SW suddenly becoming broken?  Since XP I believe Windows checks for registry errors at startup, and automatically restores a backup from the previous boot if errors are found.  What key could become corrupted and cause only SW to become broken?