Gerald Kratzert

eDV 2015 annoyance: Components list extremely slow for assemblies

Discussion created by Gerald Kratzert on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by Dominik Kirschner



we usually use the components list a lot to filter for specific sub assemblies or parts to either only show these parts or hide them (which is a very efficient way for bigger assemblies). In eDV 2014 this worked well and fast even for huge assemblies. In eDV 2015 working with the components list is extremely slow. Just load a bigger assembly and click through the components list, hide parts or isolate them - eDrawingsViewer 2015 stops for seconds doing nothing, which is very annoying.


In addition, the components list used to be a subwindow all along the left side with small fonts, so lot of information could be seen at once. Now the subwindow is small, font is big, so only some parts can be seen at once:


The components list lost a lot of usability in eDV 2015.