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eDV 2015 Bug: Fastest speed option ignored at new start

Discussion created by Gerald Kratzert on May 9, 2015
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SP3 fixed some bugs, thanks for that. eDrawings Viewer is sadly still far from eDrawingsViewer 2014 performance so I post some other bugs or inconsistencies. I start with a Graphics boost bug. I usually use "Graphics boost - Fastest speed", since I don't need eye candy stuff. So I set "Fastest speed" in the options and everything is fine. If I close eDrawingsVIewer and open a model with eDrawingsViewer the "Fastest Speed" option is obviously not remembered although still set in options:

You can see the reflections. If I choose another option, e.g. "Best appearance", click ok, go to Options again and click "Fastest Speed" and ok, then all is okay again, no refelctions. Until the next restart.


So "Fastest Speed" option is obviously not remembered until the next restart.