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    Does anyone else have these frustrations?

    Kevin Zulonas

      SolidWorks UI frustrations - YouTube


      Does anybody else share in my frustration for the above two behaviors? Devoting so many hours into this program (which is otherwise fantastic) makes me hope they can make small quality of life improvements like this.

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          Matt Camacho-Cook

          I do as well.


          In addition, why does the angle value have to disappear when you go back to edit the chamfer and tab from the distance value box to the angle value box?  Further frustration stems from the fact that you can't shift-tab back up to the distance value box.



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            Tom Spine

            So I have some good news to share. We have been working on improving keyboard tab behavior in PropertyManagers for the next release of SOLIDWORKS.


            Kevin, the situation you describe and show in the video where you cannot tab to the next field when the units menu is displayed... that is no longer the case in SOLIDWORKS 2016. I just checked a development build and the tab key works even when the units menu is up. And Matt, same thing regarding tabbing from field to field. For example, in the Chamfer PropertyManager in SOLIDWORKS 2016, tabbing from the Distance field to the Angle field, and then Shift+Tab to move backwards, works like a charm. In general in the next release, we had a goal to make sure that Tab and Shift+Tab works consistently and orderly and predictably throughout PropertyManagers. So coming soon...


            Kevin, as part of the Tab key improvement project, we made sure that when you Tab into a text entry field (like Distance) then the text is automatically selected. But when you mouse click into a field, we didn't change any behavior there. A single click sets the keyboard input focus. A double click selects the field contents. I can, though, absolutely see the value and appeal of changing this behavior so that just a single click selects the field contents. The address field in a lot of Web browsers work that way, for example. I just did a quick search to see if this has been suggested as an enhancement already, but didn't find an enhancement SPR for it.


            Tom Spine

            SOLIDWORKS User Experience