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    DimXpert / Tolanalyst and complex parts

    Mark Biasotti

      I like the Tolanalyst add-in for SW because we always need to do a tolerance stack-up study and the Tolanalyst product seems to make the process more streamlined and robust verses do the hand-calcs that we do here - not to mention creating the spread sheet report.


      The problem that I have with Tolanalyst is that it is dependent on DimXpert and the problem I have with DimXpert is that it doesn't seem to handle more complex geometry.


      What I can't figure out (and maybe it is a limitation) is that the primary, secondary and Tertiary datums that DimXpert requires seem to be limited ONLY to planar faces on your model. I cannot figure out how to using model datum planes, cays, axis etc.? A lot of the parts we do are plastic and if we're lucky have only one or two planar faces on them. I'm I just not finding the functionality to do this or is this a limitation with DimXpert?



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          Aaron Godwin



          I'm finding the same thing. We do a lot of injection molded parts so there's draft everywhere and that gives you angle dimensions when you try to measure face to face. We're just starting to use this tool, but with these limitations I don't know. It's a nice tool but it needs some work.


          I'm hoping to find some kind of workaround.