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DimXpert / Tolanalyst and complex parts

Question asked by Mark Biasotti on May 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Aaron Godwin

I like the Tolanalyst add-in for SW because we always need to do a tolerance stack-up study and the Tolanalyst product seems to make the process more streamlined and robust verses do the hand-calcs that we do here - not to mention creating the spread sheet report.


The problem that I have with Tolanalyst is that it is dependent on DimXpert and the problem I have with DimXpert is that it doesn't seem to handle more complex geometry.


What I can't figure out (and maybe it is a limitation) is that the primary, secondary and Tertiary datums that DimXpert requires seem to be limited ONLY to planar faces on your model. I cannot figure out how to using model datum planes, cays, axis etc.? A lot of the parts we do are plastic and if we're lucky have only one or two planar faces on them. I'm I just not finding the functionality to do this or is this a limitation with DimXpert?