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    Find method

    Rolando Garza

      I need to get the script to find a certain value in a specific excel worksheet, then, tell me the row it was found in, so I can gather all the data from that row.


      This is the code I have so far.


      Any suggestions?



      I just uploaded the excel file I would use.


      My goal is to find the cell with a certain "looking number", then... I want to know where is that cell (row,column)

      And get the data of that row (for instance, the number of the label and the size)


      Thanks in advance for your help and interest


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        • Re: Find method
          Michael Pretekin

          Hey Rolando,  I'd like to help answer your question but from looking at your code, it's not apparent what exactly you are trying to do.


          For example, what is the specific problem you are having? Is it searching for the value, or is it returning the row and column of that result, or something else?


          If you would be willing to post an excel spreadsheet with a sample of the data you are trying to search, and provide some examples of inputs and what the expected outputs are, I'd be happy to take another look.