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    Block text not showing in drawing

    Lee Campbell

      I opened a new part, new sketch on top plane, and then File>Insert>DFX/DFG. Selected all the line work AND text I wanted, clicked make block. Saved block. When I insert this block into a drawing, all the line work comes in but none of the text does. If I insert the block into another part it comes in with lines AND text so I know it is saved.


      When I import my block into my drawing, why can't I see the text?


      Any ideas appreciated.



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          Jamil Snead

          SolidWorks drawings don't support sketch text. I guess the reasoning behind that was if you are in a 2D drawing and need text you would just make a note. One thing you can do to make the text show up in both part sketches and drawings is right click on the text and pick "Dissolve Sketch Text", then it will convert the text into sketch entities. The downside of this is that you can no longer edit the text. If you want to be able to edit the text then I'd suggest making a separate block for use with drawings where you replace the sketch text with a note, and you might need to find an outline font if that is the look you want.

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            Hi Lee ,


            I think it has been reported to SolidWorks Already. Possible Workaround is :


            1. Do a Nested Block with the Part and Sketch .

            2. Bring both blocks to Drawing and Explode the Text Block alone.


            Hope this was Helpful !!!


            Thanks & Regards ,