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    Analysis locks up

    Kevin Spradley
      if you read the previous you will know I am having inconsistantmeshing problems. Well, when I do get a mesh and an analysis torun.  The thermal analysis will reach 95% completion oniteration 1 and just sit there.  It stayed at that same pointfor 14 hours before I killed it.  The model is only 44 parts. So not that large.  

      Could the solver be getting stuck in a local minima?  

      Please add some insight.  
        • Analysis locks up
          genexxer genexxer
          If it all possible, I try to use a single part with multi bodies to enable body specific cosmos works material property assignment.

          If its paging to disk it could be a very long but finite time to finish that iteration. One thing to try is to mesh using draft quality and see if iteration 1 converges. That should be quick. With high quality elements, try relaxing the convergence criteria. If this works then it may be useful, after restoring the criteria, to apply mesh controls to the maxima areas and try again.