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    Mesh information not available

    Kevin Spradley

      I have a fairly simple assembly with 44 parts.  nothing fancy. all solids.  I create a mesh, and the mesher completessuccessfully and you can view the mesh, and no warning or errorindicators are on the mesh portion of the tree.  However, whenI right-click to run analysis, I receive a pop-up saying,"Mesh Information not available", and a red X appears inthe tree.  

      This also happens when I use the "Run analysis after meshingcheck box".

      Note:  This does not happen every time.  

      Please explain.  If needed I may be able to post the model. 
        • Mesh information not available
          Vince Adams
          Hi Kevin, have you reviewed this model with your reseller tech support?

          What version/SP are you running?

          Is it repeatable on this model? Is it repeatable on multiple computers?

          Let me know about these questions before we proceed... I haven't seen this before but if we can't reproduce it, no point in sending the model.