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Room layouts parts and assmblies

Question asked by Peter Peterkin on May 7, 2015

My company does a mixture of furniture, cabinet making and joinery I am looking at begining with solidworks although I want to try and understand the process I might use for drawing out our work in solidworks. We often will draw staircases, panelling and doors as an overall plan and elevations for a room. Traditional I do this 2D in Autocad but i am fed up of having to redraw the whole room each time a dimension changes or if a doorway is moved I have to redraw all the panelling around it.... So the parametric editing seems to be very attractive alternative.


the bit I wanted clarification on is with parts and assemblies but I am confused on when a part stops being a part etc for example if you were drawing a door liner and architrave are they 3 parts that are put together in an assembly that can be sized to fit? and would you draw individual walls and floors as parts and bring it all in to an assembly.


Hopefully this question makes sense I'm just trying to understand how best this software could be harnessed towards room layouts  and construction drawings for the elements inside the room .