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Autojog after modifying model?

Question asked by David Mandl on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Bill Stadler

I have a funny thing going on, and I assume that this is just a bug (or rather, an enhancement request).


  • I use ordinate dimensions in a drawing.
  • Options > Document Properties > Dimensions > Ordinate > Automatically jog ordinates is checked.
  • If I place two ordinate dimensions near each other, the ordinates auto-jog (as expected).
  • If I place two ordinate dimensions sufficiently far enough away from each other, nothing special happens (as expected).
  • Edit the model, such that my latter two ordinates are now nearly on top of each other (the two features are now about .005" apart along the horizontal that I'm using for my ordinate dimension scheme).
  • Return to the drawing... and this (note the double lines and the overlapping thousandth place digits):




Done in SW2014.


Can other people reproduce this?