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    Just Curious.....

    Scott Mohr

      Compared to previous versions, has anyone found SW 2015 to be buggy and crash-prone?

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          John Stoltzfus

          99% better for me

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            Habib Ghalamkari

            Have been using 2015 since release day 1 and I have had only 1 crash. Seems much more stable than 2014 (for me)

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              Scott Mohr

              Must be me..... I've had terrible problems.

              Could it be I've developed some bad top-down habits?

              I'm heavily exercising design tables and external references.


              Here's my config:

              Win 7 x64

              i5-4570 processor

              16 gig memory

              Quadro K2000 vid card

              Gigabyte Z87X-UD48 motherboard

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  That could be your main issue, and it could be why I think it's better as well.. 


                  I use a Skeleton Sketch as my first part in all my assemblies and everything comes off of that sketch, if I want to make changes I edit the Sketch part and everything moves accordingly.  I use no design tables or configurations.  For my work I would very rarely use design tables but would have some needs for configurations, however over the years I kind of moved to where things are more stable, rather then saying I used this "New" feature - that takes years for the bugs to be worked out of..


                  Since we had it loaded here, I only had a handful of crashes and most of them coming from fat finger disease....

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                    Joe Kuzich

                    I was having trouble with 2015.  It would crash when I had opened too many parts & assemblies.  Not at the same time but more like it would designate resources to a new part/assembly then when I would close it would not release those resources.  I would have to close SW every so often to release them.  It hasn't been an issue in a while so I think its been fixed.


                    Most of my crashes have gone away by trying to better understand SW, she's a finicky little thing.  Of course this was pre 2015.  Some of my bigger issues included making circular reference between parts/assemblies.  Mating to other parts ( I still do this but 90+% of the time I mate to sketches, planes, origins).  Using too many configurations.  It was explained to me that SW has to solve for all the configuration, not just the active one.


                    I used to crash many times a day, now I think its been a week or 2 without any.

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                    Scott Mohr

                    I'm with you Joe - I've been using SW for 10 years, and I think I've developed some bad habits - circular references, etc. Maybe these errors cause resources to not be released, because I've noticed this symptom as well.

                    Perhaps SW has evolved over the years such that "old-school" techniques do more harm than good.


                    And thanks for the tip, John.... I've started using a skeleton sketch as well, but it is in the assembly - not a separate part.

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                      Alin Vargatu

                      No major problems since upgrading to SP 2.1. Looking forward to SP 3.0.

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                        Scott Mohr

                        I've had my VAR assist with what I thought were bugs - numerous crashes and lock-ups. While investigatng, he found a few bad practices (habits) I corner myself into.

                        Looks like it's time to refresh myself with the basics....


                        Thanks for all the input!


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                          Delmar Penner

                          Honestly, I'm quite surprised at how positive everyone's response is. From my experience, this has been the most bug ridden release I've seen. (I've only seen about 7 years).

                          Our VAR told me too that 2015 release was way above average for issues and if I'm not mistaken they even went as far as to say it was the worse in about 10 years.

                          But I'm curios though, if my problems are all related to bad habits, then I want to change my habits! However, I would have assumed the VAR would have told me so.

                          Here are some of my problems with 2015 - all of which are things that (I think) are not new features at all.


                          1. Randomly un-flattens the flat-pattern configuration if the sheet metal gets changed on the part (For example deleting one of the edge flanges) (Verified by SW)
                          2. In multiple cases it won’t allow you to drag a completely undefined sketch (Verified by SW)
                          3. Does not remember window size – like File>Properties (Verified by SW)
                          4. Lots of Simulation things (No experience in earlier versions of SW) (Verified by SW)
                            1. Deleting contact sets with keyboard crashes but deleting with mouse works.
                            2. A number of other similar problems.
                          5. Mouse over on Design Library parts pop up image but no longer the description if saved in 2015 (Not verified by SW)
                          6. Thumbnails removed from explorer once saved in 2015 (sometimes) (I think this was verified by SW)
                          7. Thumbnail pop ups removed on mouse-over in BOM after part saved in 2015 (always) (Verified by SW)
                          8. Do Not save read-only files is checked but it still often asks me if I want to save them when closing SW
                          9. When SW crashes, the window comes up with crash data to send to SW and instead of “restart SW” button, the only way to get out of that window is to click “Don’t Restart SW” instead of "Cancel" or "Restart SW" (Verified by SW)
                          10. Quite frequent crashes which I haven't determined yet for sure why; couple times a day usually. (Significantly more frequent then in 2014)


                          All of the above where working great for me in 2014.


                          Anyway, I've regretted many times that I upgraded to 2015, because it's cost me way more in time then the savings of the new features. I do like the new features but they were not worth it.


                          I have a number of other annoying issues but some of them already came over from 2014.


                          If anyone has advice or knows that the above are related to bad habits don't be afraid to let me know!

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                              Alin Vargatu

                              Delmar, could you please let us know if all these issues are still reproducible in SP 3.0?


                              Just curious...

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                                Scott Mohr

                                My man Delmar!...

                                I've been saying this all along.... I think Dassault screwed the pooch badly on this release! - THANK YOU!

                                I am experiencing all symptoms you describe, with exception to simulation and explorer thumbnails (which we do not use).

                                ** I find #5 quite infuriating.... pretty difficult to find the correct bolt with no description available. **

                                I can also add that SolidWorks crashes WINDOWS EXPLORER if using "detail view" for folder listing. My VAR's workaround is to use "list view", which I do not care for.

                                I can also attest to multiple crashes daily....


                                I was disappointed to think that my "bad habits" were so detrimental as to crash or freeze the software down to the operating system level (rather than an error message), and to give up my guru stripes for a bit while re-educating (although an occasional review of good practice workflow isn't a bad idea).


                                What makes this worse, is that I was hired to integrate SW and transition from an AutoCAD system in use for 15 years. This is their first taste of SW, and it's left a bitter aftertaste..... The owner has even gone so far as to say he "needs to re-evaluate" his choice - and of course, this would be the end of my position. He would not believe me when I explained (frequently) that I've never had such difficulties with SolidWorks.


                                I will be pasting your reply in an email to the boss.... you've helped me out considerably, my brother!

                                I'll also upgrade to SP3 and see.....




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                                Roy Potter

                                A lot of crashes compared to other releases.


                                Configurations not updating. References that worked extremely well in 2013 no longer work properly in 2015.

                                Just recently had a sheet metal part with 4 configurations but the description/bounding box updates erratically. It may be due to a feature added (durbar pattern). However this has worked perfectly well for the last 5 versions of SW.


                                One problem I'm not sure about and that's old templates. They say they shouldn't matter but weldment profiles etc. have the need to update icon when opened. Why can't SW update all files to the current version?

                                It would also be nice to see a circular reference warning as standard (not just for equations). I use in context in certain situations and possibly over time I forget which is the parent part. I don't understand the philosophy of having in-context design and producing holes at top level then being told don't use it - too buggy. Either it's there to be used and should work or should be got rid of.

                                Could do with a proper audit of files not just the Assembly Xpert.



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                                    Scott Mohr

                                    I have the same symptoms Roy, and I thought it was me... been driving me crazy for months - and yes I lose track of references after a while as well.... I'm not as young as I useed to be...

                                    I've found the dynamic reference thingy to be helpful in jogging my memory... don't keep it on all the time, but when I need it, I use it.

                                    And..... I'm right with you on the circular reference warning... this would be nice.


                                    A while back, my VAR suggested to create my templates from scratch w/ 2015.... which I did.

                                    Quite a drag when the software hoses templates that have been used for a few years now.....


                                    All-in-all, I have confidence Dassault will get this squared away... and can I say, more careful next time???

                                    I'm trying to download SP3, but the server's "down for maintenence"



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                                    Geoffrey Leonard

                                    Hi Scott. We have three seats of SW 2015 running SP2.1 and we haven't seen crashes or sluggish performance.

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                                      Erich Wester

                                      Some of the changes they've made to how some features work have caused my head to explode. For example, the orientation of an axis using two planes for reference. I guess it's a case of a fairly long time user having to learn new ways. Personally, I swear by SW 2012 sp5. I still use it and only use 2015 for "S & G".