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    Checked out Files Search Card

    Daniel Haines

      Hello All,


      I just wanted to make a quick little search card for our users to quickly check if they have checked out files.  This is all simple enough and works a treat.  However, I'd like to make it even easier for them and have the drop down automatically select the name based on the logged in user.


      In the default value area of the droplist properties tab, there seems to be an option for <logged in user>.  Selecting this and the default overwrites checkbox however doesn't produce the desired results, as when you press save, it just disappears back to blank.  Also going to the search card in the vault produces the standard drop down with all the users, not defaulting to the logged in user.


      This can be seen in the screenshots below:


      Selecting the option:

      After pressing Save:

      Is this a bug? Am I doing something incorrect?


      btw  EPDM 2013 Sp5.0

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          Arto Kvick

          Does the "Show full user names" affect on this?


          And to answer my own comment, NO. The default value does not stick and for the card default values you cannot set the "logged in user".

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            Brian McEwen

            I looked at this a bit too. Your approach is a bit different and I think it is a great idea. 

            I ended up just making some Search Favorites for users that needed it, but it would be much better to have a universal solution. 

            For me the dropdown under Default Values is greyed out, so I can't even select the logged in user as a default.

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              Jim Sculley

              I think it is a bug.  Sort of.  As Brian McEwen noted, he cannot even set a default value.  Neither can I.  You aren't supposed to be able to assign a default value using the Properties box for the selected control in a search card.  That is available for regular data cards only.  Search card default values are set using the Card...Default values menu item.  See solution ID S-056136.


              I would guess that the bug was fixed in a later version.  I'm using 2015, perhaps Brian is as well.


              Unfortunately, the Card...Default values menu does not let you set a default value to something like the logged in user.  You have to enter an explicit text value.


              Jim S.

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                Adrian Velazquez

                You can create a Favorite for each of your users, and create a Shortcut for each on their desktop.

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                    Daniel Haines

                    Thank you all for the responses.  As I expected, it was a kind of bug/limitation.  


                    I had actually been using the default values drop down for other hidden values, hadn't thought to try for the "checked out user"



                    Jim are you saying that its fixed/works in 2015?   If so, this is good news as we are moving to 2015 at the end of year, testing starting soon.


                    I had thought to use search favourites, however a search card was universal and auto assigned (by group) to all new users added to the vault (100+ users currently)