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[API] How to apply appearances to specific features

Question asked by Ross Hepburn on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Evan Lockard

I'm looking at designing a part of a macro that will enable me to change the appearance of a specific feature in my feature tree. So far i can change the whole appearance with:


strName = "c:\Program Files\solidworks corp\solidworks\data\graphics\materials\organic\wood\maple\polished maple 2d.p2m"

Set swAppearance = swModelDocExt.CreateRenderMaterial(strName)

boolstatus = swAppearance.AddEntity(swModel)

boolstatus = swComp.AddRenderMaterial(swAppearance, nDecalID)


This changes the whole of my part, but i wish to only apply the appearance to say "Boss-Extrude18"

I have tried a few things like SelectbyID2, getcomponentbyname etc but no luck atm.


Anyone got any help on how I can apply that appearance to a specific feature ?