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Mirror EPDM SQL to Reduce Latency

Question asked by Christopher Nguyen on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by LIN SHAODUN

Hello All,


We are running a pretty sized EPDM setup.  Our EPDM SQL, vaults & database server are hosted in China on a physical machine because most of our engineers are located there.  The China team has no problems running EPDM.  However, our primary headquarters here in Irvine, CA EPDM experience isn't so great.  We can feel the latency & as an example it takes literally 20 secs to perform custom templates and cards.  We do have a local vault however so acquiring files isn't too bad.  The latency causes explorer.exe to freeze up until EPDM finishes it tasks.  Sort of ridiculous in my opinion.


We have a WAN connection between both sites with 10MBps & average latency of 215ms.  Pretty good considering the distance.


I was wondering if running a Irvine EPDM SQL Server that mirrors or real-time replicates of the China EPDM SQL is a good idea.  This way, both sites access the closer SQL Server when performing EPDM actions.  I am doing research on SQL AlwaysOn Availability groups and performance mode.

We have the available bandwidth so I am hoping this idea is not too far fetched...  Is anyone else out there is going through the same latency experience/problems we are?