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Motion study in a simple 2d linkage

Question asked by Vincent Nator on May 6, 2015

Hi to all the solidworks forum.


I'm getting in trouble with a simple motion study of a 2d linkage.

It has two parts : a frame and a crank, as showed in figures





So i created a new assembly, coupled the front plan of the crank with the front plan of the assembly, and the front plan of the frame with the front plan of the assembly, in such a way that the entire mechanism is positioned on a single plane.

Then i set the frame fixed and coupled two points of the 2d mechanism as show in the following figures, with an example of two positions of the crank (now it can rotate):




Now the problem is when i want to do a motion study of the crank end point, adding a motor on itself.

Solidworks allow me to set the direction of the motor only in the perpendiucular plane of this simple mechanism!


Solidworks allow me only to select the line on the sketch of the crank part, and not all the part.

How can i do a motion study with a rotative motor on the same plane of the mechanism??

I MUST use 2d parts (lines) and not solid parts.


Thanks for the help and sorry for my bad english.