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Why is EPDM 2013 locking up when I search for a username in Active Directory?

Question asked by Gary Williams on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by Charley Saint

Our EPDM vault has been linked to AD (active directory) for years.


When I add a username EPDM 2013 “gets stuck” for a long time appearing to be searching for the user but I get a “Not Responding” warning.

I have to force close the admin software to get out of the lock-up.

Every time I add a new user I have the same problem, and because we do not often add users I forget what the solution is each time!


I tried jmcardle & jmcardle@INT.CW.LOCAL neither seem to work!!

IT department confirmed that the username is jmcardle.


Where is the active directory location set in EPDM 2013?

I would like to verify that the setting is correct.


THank you,
Gary Williams.