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Need Help Trying to Split these into parts

Question asked by Aden Dickinson on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by Jamil Snead

I'm working on designing a laptop case at the moment for a project, but the 3d printer i am using is too small to print the whole case in one. so what i wanted to do was print it in parts but trying to figure the best way to do this. finally i figured out the best way i feel would be, but i just don't know exactly how to pull it off in solidworks. This is what i was thinking




Since i had made the base decently thick, i wanted to cut out part of the middle so that the 2 parts could lock like so by sliding Part 1's male into part 2's female. then i was going to thread a hole (something else i might need help doing) through the base so that i could screw the 2 parts together.


i tried doing this by making planes, but that took a while to line everything up like i wanted. that and it didn't work. so now i'm a bit lost on how to do this. is there a quick and efficient way of doing this? i have to do this a numerous amount of times so i want to do this in the less amount of times possible lol.