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Moving EPDM to a new server

Question asked by Mike Sveda on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Jason Capriotti

I am moving my EPDM 2014 to a new server running EPDM 2015.  I know how to copy and restore the SQL database and archive files. 


However, I am confused about server names and making sure everything works when I turn the new one on.




  • New server is named ABCOEPDM1, old server is ABCOEPDM
  • New server has Windows Server 2012 installed, SLQ Server 2014, and EPDM 2015 SP2.1


My plan is:


  1. Lock out the old server.
  2. Make SQL backup
  3. Copy SLQ backup to new server
  4. Copy Archives over to new server in a TEMP folder
  5. Shutdown old server
  7. Set the IP and MAC address of new server to old server


By having already installed EPDM2015 on ABCOEPDM1, will I have any issues?  I would assume to delete all the databases in SQL as they would point ot ABCOEPDM1?  Will SQL Server 2014 realize the name change?