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WPDM Vault Name

Question asked by John Wayman on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by Richard Bremmer


I have created a WPDM vault on my local disk and got the Lifecycle and Revision Scheme set up the way I want it. I now want my colleagues to try it out before I go live on the main data vault.

I have shared the directory


C:\vaultdata with my colleagues and they are able to connect to it in Windows Explorer.


The next step is for my colleagues to open up WPDM in Solidworks and right-click, Switch Vault/user.


However, on my machine, the new vault is called




but I doubt whether my colleagues will be able to connect using that name.


On my company network, if my computer is called




and my new vault is on




what do my colleagues have to type in the box labelled


Vault Computer?


We have tried typing




and that did not work.


I would be grateful for your help.








SW2014 sp5