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    Bom item increment

    Erhard Wuertz

      Hi to all,


      I have one question regarding the bom table.

      In my program I insert a Bom table on an assembly by InsertBomTable3.

      swBomTableAn = (BomTableAnnotation)swModelDocExt.InsertBomTable3(sTemplateName, 0, 0, BomType, sConfigName, false, nbrType, true);

      I get my Bomfeature to this table:

      swBomFeature = (BomFeature)swBomTableAn.BomFeature;

      and I renumber it with:

      swBomFeature.FollowAseembly2 = true;

      And set set the Startnumber to 1:

      swBOMFeature.SequenceStartNumber = 1;

      This all works very fine.

      But I found nothing to change the increment of the item numbers.

      Is the anybody who can help me???


      Best regards