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    Removing routing assemblies

    Tom Arthur

      I have a routing assembly which was created using SW Premium, which includes the routing plugin.


      However, I am currently rebuilding the assembly so without any routed cables, so that it can be used/edited in SW professional (without the plugin)


      All cables have been deleted, and any features/configurations to do with the routing have also been deleted. However, I still can't move any of the components since it keeps telling me that 'the components has been defined in the context of a routing assembly and can't be moved'.


      How can I changed the file-type of the assembly so that it becomes a 'normal' assembly again?




        • Re: Removing routing assemblies
          Peter De Vlieger

          The filetype of a routing ASM is the same as for a 'normal' ASM, namely .SLDASM.

          There for changing file types is not the answer.


          When you want to make use of routing the regular course of action is to start an ASM and then use the methods at hand to start the actual routing, be it starting from a point or with a routing part. Either way means however that there will be a sub-ASM created in the main ASM This sub-ASM holds the actual routing.


          When you say that you deleted all the cables, do you mean that you deleted all the cable parts from the folder Route parts?

          If so, then please realize that it only means that next time that you try to do an edit route it will simply rebuild those cable parts.


          If your goal is to have the route parts (the elbows and such) then your best bet is to change all parts of the 3dsketch, which aren't elbow ,to construction line

          This should leave you will all the parts, and without any of the cables.

          It becomes a defacto non-routing ASM.


          Hope this helps