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SW2013 Add2() type swCustomInfoDouble results instead in swCustomInfoNumber

Question asked by Terry Raymond on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by Terry Raymond

Can't figure out why SW is not properly setting a property to double type.



    g_bool = g_swDoc.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("0.75").Delete("test")  'delete old prop in case prop type is different
    g_bool = g_swDoc.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("0.75").Add2("test", swCustomInfoDouble, 1.02)
    ptype = g_swDoc.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("0.75").GetType2("test")
    MsgBox ptype & " " & swCustomInfoDouble


swCustomInfoDouble = 5

But Solidworks is setting it to type 3 = swCustomInfoNumber


This is screwing up EPDM and EPDM is rounding my decimal value.

SW 2013SP5


Any ideas??  Thanks!!