Adam Shinbrot

The ProE-ization of Solidworks

Discussion created by Adam Shinbrot on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Jamil Snead

Just a gripe, but for the last two or three Revisions Solidworks has changed the Replace Component in Assembly functionality. It used to be pretty clear what you were supposed to do when your mates failed, but the last two or three revisions Solidworks has adopted a strategy right out of the ProE playbook: now when a mate fails after replacing a component you get two windows--one with your assembly and one smaller one with your component (I think), and I assume you are supposed to pick on two faces (or whatever) to re-establish the mates...


...well, also right out of the ProE playbook, this does not work. Every single time I have tried it, no matter what I try to pick I get a message telling me to make a selection from two different components. Well, duh, so I try to pick a surface in one window, get the message, pick a surface in the other, same message. My workaround, of course, is to let the mates fail and then re-establish them, which works fine, but makes me wonder why the developers spent time with the two window methodology when all it does is imitate ProE except not even as well.


Solidworks needs to remember that they exist because of the intuitive nature of the software. Taking a relatively intuitive functionality and replacing it with something I cannot make work at all does not seem to fit in with this strategy.