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Customer cannot see custom properties on parts we send

Question asked by Don Michaels on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by Paul Wyndham
  • The situation:
    • We sent our customer a complete Pack-and-Go assembly.
    • It includes stand alone fasteners created from Toolbox. (The fasteners are completely separate parts.)
    • All of our parts, assemblies and drawings have our custom properties, some of which are used in the BOM on the assembly drawings.
    • They are beginning to implement EPDM, we do not use it.


  • The problem:
    • When they open our fasteners, they do not see our custom properties.
    • They can see the custom properties on the non-Toolbox originated parts.
    • Therefore, the BOMs have a lot of blank cells.


  • We have tested our files using the 'round trip' technique
    • We have also turned off Toolbox (which should not have any affect) and disconnected from our network server.


  • Is it possible that their EPDM add-in is causing this problem?
    • They are inexperienced with EPDM.