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    Customer cannot see custom properties on parts we send

    Don Michaels
      • The situation:
        • We sent our customer a complete Pack-and-Go assembly.
        • It includes stand alone fasteners created from Toolbox. (The fasteners are completely separate parts.)
        • All of our parts, assemblies and drawings have our custom properties, some of which are used in the BOM on the assembly drawings.
        • They are beginning to implement EPDM, we do not use it.


      • The problem:
        • When they open our fasteners, they do not see our custom properties.
        • They can see the custom properties on the non-Toolbox originated parts.
        • Therefore, the BOMs have a lot of blank cells.


      • We have tested our files using the 'round trip' technique
        • We have also turned off Toolbox (which should not have any affect) and disconnected from our network server.


      • Is it possible that their EPDM add-in is causing this problem?
        • They are inexperienced with EPDM.
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          Jeff Sweeney

          The issue is probably on their side, usually when EPDM sees a Toolbox file that is not part of EPDM's Toolbox, EPDM will swap the "offending" Toolbox part out and will substitute it with one of its own.


          Kinda like white blood cells attacking a foreign substance in the assembly.


          This behavior can be confirmed if they open the assembly and look at the referenced file to see which set of fasteners it is using.

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            R. Vignesh



            This is an expected behaviors although you have sent the tool box components along with the files.

            SolidWorks always try to browse the tool box components from default location.

            As a work around what you can ask the customers is  Close all the SolidWorks files then go to tools>options>Hole Wizard/ToolBox.

            Un Check the option 'Make this folder default search location for Toolbox component'.

            Try opening the files & check the behavior.


            Hope this helps !!!






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              Paul Wyndham

              If you go into the SolidWorks installation directory and go to the \Toolbox\data utilities folder you can run the sldsetdocprop.exe application.

              In there you can set the toolbox flag to No. This will remove the files from being replaced by Toolbox files.


              You can add all the files at once and set them all to "No" then update the status.