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    Flyout Feature Manager Tree

    Jeff Stanifer

      Is there a way to turn the Flyout Feature Manager tree off? I can see where some might find it useful but there are 3 engineers in the company I work for and none of us like it. I find it hard to believe that we are the only ones that find this "feature" annoying. I wish Solidworks, in their Great wisdom, would realize that not everyone works the same way and that something as intrusive as this flyout tree should be an option that the user can turn off if they don't want it on. Pardon my rant.

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          Scott Lyon

          Same problem here. Even after turning it off in the Feature Manager options the thing still flies out.

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            Kevin Berni

            Hi Jeff,


            There is currently not a way to turn the flyout tree off completely.  We do have control over whether you get the transparent or solid background tree at: Tools>Options>System Options>FeatureManager>Use transparent flyout FeatureManager tree in parts/assemblies


            The flyout tree should be showing up as collapsed when you start a command (by default), so that only the top node of the tree is showing unless you expand it.  Are you seeing it behave this way?  It will remember the last state of the tree, so if you expand the flyout tree and OK a command, on edit it will show up expanded again. 


            If you had a way to disable the tree completely, how would you expect to be able to access the tree in cases where you would need it to make a selection (hidden planes, etc)?








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                Jeff Stanifer

                Thanks to all for your responses.


                Kevin, as far as the tree being collapsed at the start of a command, it does start out that way but as soon as I start to create a feature (for example a cut extrude) it fully expands, usually NOT transparent, which is another source of irritation. After completing the feature I have to do a ctrl-Q rebuild to get it to collapse. I feel like this tree is taking up valuable real estate and personally I find it useless.

                If I need to make a selection from the feature manager tree I would simply click on the left tab at the top of the manager which then brings the tree back into view. This is what I am talking about when I say that not everyone works in the same way. I very seldom have to go back to the tree while I am creating a feature yet every time I create a feature I am forced to deal with this flyout because it's in my way. I wish that the powers that be at Solidworks would realize that just because the programmers think that something is a good idea doesn't make it so. At least give us the option to turn it off.

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                David Sloop

                I agree. It's in my way too often. I end up clicking on a feature in the tree instead of on the screen.

                Have you subimitted this as an enhancement request??? I'll go vote for it, if so.

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                  Andre Gurbanov

                  Hi Jeff, you probably know this and looking for something else, but just in case: have you try to click on 3 arrow heads right in the middle of the Feature Manger Tree? It will hide it, until you click them again to expand.

                  Feature Manger Tree.jpg

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                    Andre Gurbanov

                    Ah that one ... good luck with it!

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                        Jeff Stanifer

                        Yeah, I know. I did put in an enhancement request but I'm not holding my breath. I guess time will tell.

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                            David Sloop

                            Do you have the ER number?

                            I can't find and enhancement request for this.

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                                Jeff Stanifer

                                The ER number is 1-8053692196

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                                    Mark Matthews

                                    Still can't find this ER request. All the requests are listed as SPR numbers in the enhancement request list and entering this number in the search gets no response.

                                    I went and looked through all the "feature manager" items listed (63) through the enhancement request dialogue on the customer portal page, and this one was not there. Why do they have them listed as SPR's and not ER's? There's an enhancement request right there.

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                                        Jeff Stanifer

                                        I'm not sure how this whole ER thing works. I have never done this before. I have left work for the day and am responding now from my tablet. Will check back tomorrow, however that number is a valid ER number emailed to me from Solidworks.

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                                            Mark Matthews

                                            Unfortunately, I don't think the ER numbers that we get via solidworks have anything to do with how they are listed in the ER request page. For instance, the ER number is twelve characters long, while SPR numbers are only six numbers. If you created this request today, it probably won't even be listed till later. Do you have a specific title you used that we can search for?

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                                              Kelvin Lamport

                                              ER numbers can only be accessed by SolidWorks personnel, VARs (I believe) and the ER author. An SPR number will be allotted after the ER has been vetted & deemed worthy of pursuing. When, or if, you receive the SPR, post it here for people to review & vote.

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                                                  Jeff Stanifer

                                                  To Kelvin and all,

                                                  I received this from Solidworks yesterday afternoon.


                                                  Dear Jeff,


                                                  Thank you for submitting this issue 1-8053692196 to our
                                                  enhancement request system and for your continued patience while this request
                                                  was under review.


                                                  While reviewing this request we have determined that this
                                                  enhancement request has already been identified in our system as an existing
                                                  Software Performance Report (SPR).  What
                                                  this means is that our development team will be evaluating the request for
                                                  possible inclusion in a future version of the software.  The SPR’s reference number is: 203559,
                                                  "Need an option to turn 'on/off' the automatic flyout feature


                                                  I have attached your Enhancement Request to the SPR so
                                                  that you will be automatically notified of any future updates. Note that the
                                                  status of this Enhancement Request will be set to “Closed” indicating that the
                                                  appropriate action has been completed for this Enhancement Request by Product
                                                  Definition (in this case, attaching this Enhancement Request to an SPR). You
                                                  can check on the status of this Enhancement Request as well as the status of
                                                  any SPR’s associated to this Enhancement Request by clicking on the “My ERs
                                                  (Enhancement Requests)” link in your SolidWorks Customer Portal account.


                                                  Thank you again for helping to improve our products.




                                                  Don Van Zile

                                                  Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.



                                                  *** Please use this ER number in any correspondence on
                                                  this issue. ***


                                                  You submitted an enhancement request with following

                                                  ER -  1-8053692196


                                                  Summary - The ability to turn off the "Flyout
                                                  Feature Manager Tree"


                                                  Product Version in Use : SW2015

                                                  Explanation : I never use this feature but every time I
                                                  create a feature it is in my way in the graphics

                                                  1. If I need access to the feature manager I can
                                                    simply click the left tab above the

                                                  standard feature manager. Neither myself nor my coworkers
                                                  like or use this feature. It is

                                                  more of a nuisance than a benefit. Please give us the
                                                  option to turn this feature off. It takes

                                                  up too much room in the graphics area. In most cases,
                                                  after creating a feature, I have to do

                                                  a ctrl-Q to force the flyout to collapse. I'm sure there
                                                  are a lot of users that like this feature

                                                  and that's fine, however there are also users that find
                                                  it annoying and intrusive. Please allow

                                                  those of us that don't like it to turn it off.


                                                  Thank you for your time.

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                                      Robin Saniewski

                                      In a model of the part RMB the part name in the feature tree, then select the Tree Display from the pop out menu and check to see if Show Flat Tree View is checked, If it is unselect it - This may help not sure if this is what you are looking for , but it seems to help keep the tree somewhat manageable.

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                                        Jonathan Burt



                                        The flyout defaults to "collapsed" on my machine. I can expand it but initially it is collapsed which isn't nearly as intrusive. I looked for a setting for this but couldn't find one so I think maybe it is set to collapsed on my template so everytime I start a new part it is in the collapsed state until I expand it. Maybe you can try creating a new template and collapsing it.


                                        I'm relatively new to SW so I may be way off on this. Good luck!