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Expanded Metal Model

Discussion created by Scott Baugh on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by Jim Mongiardo

I searched for information on Expanded Metal on this forum and others, but the suggestions of using a texture or hatch doesn't help when you need to see the parts behind the expanded metal. It might help if all your doing is photo renders, but for a drawing its no help. Especially an area hatch, because you still cannot see the parts behind an area hatch in a drawing, when you use HLR. Like seen below.




So I made this model it can be modified or cut to your needs as its a 48" x 120" sheet. yes the holes are a larger than normal, that is to help reduce file size. My main purpose was to use this as a visual aid, so people can see the guarding as well as the parts behind it within a drawing.


Hope this helps anyone looking for an example of expanded metal now or in the future.