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curve xyz precision

Question asked by Brian Stewart on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by Alan Thomason

I am trying to import high-fidelity airfoil data in and create curves.  The data is in a space-delimited text file, in inches with 5 decimal point precision.  I am trying to create the upper and lower surface curves by:


Insert>Curve>Curve Through XYZ Points>  I then Browse to the .txt file and select it.  When it comes in, the values are truncated to 2 decimal places and the in is added to the end.  The result is the upper and lower surface curves do not meet at the leading edge, and the precision of the geometry is not sufficient.


I tried changing unit precision using Tools>Option>Document Properties  but this has no effect in the truncation problem.


Does anyone know how to get the precision in the curve created to match the precision of the original data?