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Updating / adding Features from Skeletal Model to Assembly

Question asked by Nigel Ball on May 1, 2015



i am from a Inventor background. My workflow is to create a Skeletal Model and send those parts out as new part files into an assembly (creating the assembly in the process). I will select my parts and send them to a new assembly. If i then add any features or add additional cuts to my Skeletal model, they automatically update the new part file which is then shown in the assembly. Furthermore, if i continue to add new solids in my Skeletal model, i can save it a new part and add it to the existing assembly (or any other assembly) i choose. I have found similar in SW but it doesnt behave the same way.



Once i have created my basic Skeletal model, i will use the 'Save Bodies' function to send the selected parts into a new assembly. during this process, my parts are saved as separate files. however, if i then continue to model in my skeletal model and add features, cut extrudes etc, the holes and features do NOT update to the parts or assembly. Why? Isn't the purpose of parametric modeling to be dynamic and linked parts update globally? its a bit confusing.


Unless i am doing something wrong, what is the best method for sending solids from a Skeletal model to an assembly that allows part updates from the skeletal? also, how can i then send additional parts from the Skeletal model to the existing assembly?