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Having trouble with MATES (Assembly mates, not my wife:-) ??? )

Question asked by Paul Landolfo on May 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Scott Kramer

I created a file structure for parts and assemblies on my portable hard drive.  When I had everything in place and working well, I transferred the entire "file structure" to the company network hard drive.  Everything seemed to go well.  All parts, including toolbox parts, were found by the assemblies.  However, In @75% of the "mates" one, or more, of the selected mate surfaces are missing.  I can go in and re-select the surfaces on the obvious ones, but the larger assemblies are unusable!  Are there any thoughts on this???  I can't afford this much time correcting all these mates.



Paul Landolfo