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    Please review my drawings

    AM Eichkamp AM Eichkamp

      Hi all I have the part drawing attached which is pretty much copied from another component so should be ok, however the mould drawing I am unsure which sections or detail views to use, if someone was the manufacture this, the views are to be left to our discretion and should show all relevent detail.only nominal dimensions to show overall sizes of cavity & core blocks with orthograghic views assembled while pictorial views exploded.Any help greatly appreciated on this deadline looming.......cheers

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          David Sloop

          I see you are likely a student, and have no real world experience...

          From someone who spent 20 years designing molds...

          I would add an approximate overall height for the core. (for ordering material)

          Need a couple dimensions locating the part in the mold.

          Where is the gate? (where the material enters the mold)

          I would also use core pins for the cored out areas from the cavity side. This makes machine much easier.

          Probably need some water lines for cooling.

          Tolerances on the side-action need to be called out tighter... Like a slip fit.

          How is that side action activated? Cam pin?

          Need some screws to hold them in to the "a" and "b" plates.