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Transform Imported Curves, Possible?

Question asked by Matthew Brown on Apr 30, 2015

I am having trouble moving and rotating 3D curves that were imported to a new part via DXF.


To import:

-I drag and drop DXF file into solidworks.

-This brings up the DXF/DWG import and I select Import to New Sketch>3D Curves or Model.

-Then click finish which displays the model curves.


However, these curves were created using a FARO arm and exported through Verisufr as a DXF.  The CSYS fo the FARO does not correspond with my model cooridinate system so transformation is required. I had orignally set the FARO data as its own part and then created an assembly of my model and the FARO data so that I could rotate the FARO data as desired.  However, this approach seems to have opened up a pandoras box of bugs and problems for me.  Between parts disapearing from the assmebly and to things being unselectable for no reason I am feeling a bit like a dog chasing its tail.  There has to be a simple way to do this, right?  I have curves, they need to be moved.  How hard can that possibly be?  I have used umpteen million different CAD packages and NEVER had such trouble trying to do a simple transform.


Help... PLEASE!