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Surface to Solid (IFC file Import)

Question asked by Jesse Tong on May 1, 2015
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I am new with SolidWorks, it was introduced to us due to an issue with our 3D solids out of TEKLA (structural steel software). We are now using SolidWorks to resolve our issues. The thing is, when we generate .stp/.igs/.ifc file of a curve material from TEKLA the surfaces comes with segmented surfaces and the machine we use to measure final product against our 3D model in our shop read those as error. So we had searched for a 3rd party software to help us with this, to which Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks was recommended. SolidWorks was promising as it can open IFC's (we can bring in bolts with this file type) and resolve most of the segment (see pipe below) but not all (see top flange of beam). Can someone please help us with some of our concerns below?



I have attached here the original IFC file, should anyone wanted to explore.


Thank you!


- Jesse