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    How to create a car harness?

    Samyr Helou

      Hello,i am a Formula SAE member,and I just started using solidwork electricals. It is the first engineering software i've ever used,and I am finding it really hard to use.


      I am in charge of the entire electrical installation,and I intend on using solidworks electrical for that purpose. We've build the car structure on solidworks,and I am wondering if there is any way on associating the structure with the solidworks electrical. Is there anyway I can import the structure and start building the harness from there? I've seen some videos on youtube,and it seems that this tool exists,but I cant figure out how to use it.


      Any help will go a long way. Thank you very much.

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          Tom Di Laura


          You can use the car structure as a guideline for cables and wires in your harness.  In order to use the schematic detail, you will need the connectors and components from your scheme to be inside your 3D model.  If these components are already in the structure, then you can convert them to electrical components using the Electrical Component Wizard, and then associate the part to the schematic component.  If the structure does not have the electrical parts already included, you will need to build or download those parts for your harness and insert them into your car structure.  The harness will be "built" inside the schematic, and then routed in 3D once all the components are placed and paths are created.

          I hope this helps.

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              Samyr Helou


              Thanks so much for your reply! I've done as you said and placed the components on the car structure,but now when I try to auto route,the cables just ''go mad'' and pass through the car structures. Any way to correct this?



              I've created a from-to list in order to generate a harness inside solidworks. After importing it, solidworks interprets as if I had to replace them for each connection, so tô work around that, After I placed one copy of each, I would select it instead of placing another copy. Thing is, solidworks then recognizes only the last selected conector and loses previous connections...How can I do it on the list so it recognizes multiple connections between the components ?



              Thank you once again.