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    Dimensioning for before and after plating

    Marc Trimeloni


      If this has been asked already I apologize i could not find it.

      I am trying to dimension some holes with before and after anodizing dimensions using limit dimensions. If I use a linked note I cannot edit the dimensions in the note and have the formatting remain the same.

      My work around has been to add a sketch. Dimension it to the after anodize dimensions. Use a linked note on it and then hide the dimension to the sketch.

      If there is a better way i would love to know.

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          Mike Pogue

          The way you are doing it is pretty smart--I'm assuming the sketch you are adding is offset from the hole by the anodize thickness (I can't open your part). It may well be the best way to accomplish what you are looking to do.


          But I'd let this go and either state that the dimension applies before or after anodize. Two dimensions for one feature is pretty off the wall.

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            Kevin Chandler



            Per ASME Y14.5, simply adding the note "DIMENSIONS APPLY [BEFORE] AFTER COATINGS, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED" satisfies your requirements, plus you don't need the required expertise necessary to properly adjust sizes for all of the fabrication processes.


            Unless that's part of your duties, the knowledge for these adjustments is part of the skill sets for the fab people.


            All aspects of a drawing are there to dictate what's to be provided.

            Which processes this entails and how they're done (method and order) shouldn't be a function of the drawing (per ASME again).


            2 cents (maybe a penny).