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FEA Total Strain Energy

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by Bill McEachern

In a separate recent post I asked what the units for the following notation in the *.out file is....


It turns out it is listed, at the very top...



International System of Units, SI, is used for all input/output data.

Common Quantities:

Length:meter, Mass:kilogram, Time:second, Temperature:kelvin

Force:newton, Pressure also stress:pascal, Energy:joule, Power:watt


Now, unfortunately, I have new roadblock.  The system I am modeling requires Large Displacement Analysis, at which point that same line goes to zero:

Bummer!  I was so happy to find such a useful number, but it turns out to be limited to lower displacement analyses, unless one of our forum members knows if there is another source for this information in large displacement?  What happens if you perform a non-static analysis, is there another source for the information (beyond my licensing).


Thanks in advance.