Troy Marker

Solidworks 2007 64bit save as .dwg

Discussion created by Troy Marker on Jun 15, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2007 by Brian Cayer
I am using Solidworks2007 SP4.0 64bit. I can not consistantly write .dwg files from my .slddrw. One minute it will work and the next minute it will not. This problem started when we started using SW2007 SP0. We have three seats of 64 bit and they all have the same problem. We have one seat of 32 bit and it works flawlessly. I had 32 bit a up until a few weeks ago and I never had any problems writing .dwg's. I have tried saving as different versions and that didn't work either. I can not find any info. regarding this at or on any search engine.

We need this function to provide cad files to our customers. We typically use a macro to do this since it invovles multiple sheet drawings. Saving does not work with the macro or by doing the file, save as method either.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Thanks in advance!