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    How to select chain in offset command?

    Michael Schultz



      Is it possible to activate the select chain function in a drawing when trying to offset the profile of a part?  See attached.  My company uses these as a poor mans way to check a parts profile.  The select chain command in the offset tool is always grayed out which forces us to select every line individually, tedious and time consuming.

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          Mike Price

          Hi Michael,


          If you don't already, create a plane that intersects the part for which you want a profile.  Then create a sketch on that plane.  Next create "Intersection Curves" and when the part tree moves into the model graphics window, you can select the part (select the part name that appears in the part graphics area, not the solid part in the graphics area).  Alternatively if you have multiple bodies, you can select a body.  Now you can create Offset Entities from this intersected curve.


          If you need further clarification, let me know.

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            Jamil Snead

            I think you can only select chain if you are offsetting from sketch entities, not model edges. I can't tell if that is a hole or a boss. If it is a boss then you can click somewhere inside of it to select the face and then Convert Entities to copy the boundary, then offset from the converted entities using select chain. If it is a hole then you should be able to select the surrounding face and a single edge of the hole, and then Convert Entities and it is supposed to convert the hole boundary. Then as before offset from the sketch.