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    How stable is EPDM 2015?

    Mike Sveda

      I'm planning our upgrade to EPDM 2015.  After seeing these problems with the first two SP's, I'm hoping SP3.0 will be stable. I can't go thru another disastrous upgrade like 2011 Sp2 where we had CPU and memory issues which slowed server to a crawl.


      Luckily I can do a test server upgrade, but that never really can show real world performance with all users working in EPDM.

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          Faur Arama

          If I understood well your tested EPDM 2015 and there are some issues regarding stability of the system.

          Can you be more specific which are these instability issues?

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            Mike Sveda

            I have not done the test server yet.  Seeing if anyone here already on 2015 have any issues I should look out for

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                Jeff Sweeney

                Good valid question, but never let good [or bad] reviews be the sole decision maker on if you should upgrade. Nothing is as good as testing.


                Everyone's environment is different.

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                  Gary Radish



                  We upgraded our test server to SP0, SP1, SP2, and SP2.1. We upgraded our production servers beginning of April under 2.1. In our environment we were waiting for specific things. That is why we upgraded to 2.1.  But this way we got to test our data in each service pack to see if we saw any differences or issues from us being able to go live.  I would recommend putting up a test server sooner and going thru the additional tests. This way you are upgrading with a little more confidence then hoping SP3 is your fix and you might miss something if you only do one.  We even follow our test case list but sometimes you miss something and this way it is unlikely to be overlooked since we tested every service pack.



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                  Jason Capriotti

                  We are planning to upgrade from 2014 to 2015 SP3 and have the same concerns. We have test servers but its difficult to do effective load testing. We can just test our custom add-in's and workflow functionality but performance with 150 people in the system isn't possible that I know of.