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    GLICHY Isometric Views

    JP Amezaga

      Just a heads up!

      Not expecting a solution.

      Been drawing all day and having this problem with different drawing files, whether I close and reopen, etc...


      I heard of someone having a similar problem a few days ago.

      If you look at the isometric views, you'll notice the shaded one has the doors missing.


      Just imagine!

      If I select the shaded with edges view and change it to nonshaded then the problem disappears and it looks like it should.

      I can flip back and forth and the error keeps happening when I switch to shaded.


      Now go figure.

      I switch to nonshaded, hit save, then switch to shaded, and now the doors appear.


      But, and here's the kicker, if I hit save again, the doors magically disappear before my eyes, and the same problem all over again



      So anyway,

      This is the second file I created today with different assemblies and the same problem.





      EDGES ONLY.png