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    Drawing View Label style not saving in template

    Brandon Walter

      Hello - Sorry if this is a bad Q, I'm new to Solidworks and have spent several hours trying to solve this on my own, and have finally admitted to needing help.


      I'm switching over to SW from ACAD, and am working on creating a drawing template. Everything else seems to work A-OK with the exception of the drawing view labels.


      My issues with the drawing labels can be broken down into 3 basic parts, any of which I'd be more than happy to get some advice/help on:



      1. I want every view upon creation to have a label.


      2. I want every drawing view label to have a scale (regardless if it matches the "sheet scale" which is something my company does not do). How to I make this happen?


      3. I want the label names to be the name of the view, i.e., "TOP" or "LEFT" or "ISOMETRIC," not "DrawingView1" (which I know can be changed manually, but I want this to be automated). 


      Seems like it should be fairly simple, but I am pulling out all my hair right now.



      So on top of that, something strange is happening: Options --> Document Properties --> Views --> Other:   this NEVER stays the way I set it. I make changes to the font, click the box for "add view label on view creation" save my changes, (I've even "saved to external file" an "overall drafting standard" with these settings the way I want them, and ensured that this is the file that is loaded) and saved the template. When I open up a new drawing based on this template, I can see in the document properties that IT REVERTED BACK TO THE SOLIDWORKS DEFAULT.


      Sorry for the long multi-part question, I just really want to be done with this bloody layout so I can start drawing in Solidworks, but I can't do that until I've got a decent submittal template to work off of.


      Thank you to anyone who can help!