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Nuts dimensions for fondation bolts

Question asked by Pietro Agosti on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by Alessandro Tornincasa


I have this problem on foundation bolts.  I need to simulate the anchorage of a PRFV plate to a concrete wall by foundation bolts. The PRFV plate has 19mm of diameter holes. To give resistance to plate I need to add 60 mm diameter washers.

I already linked  two PRFV plates one to eachother by bolts (Hex bolt + nut) and to simulate this 60mm washers I modified the dimensions of bolt head and nut to 60 mm of diameter and SW correctly compute it.

I made many attemts in this way also for foundation bolts. At begin it seem that SW accepts the values but in fact it maintains their original value (28,5mm). This give me problem on the solution because it significantly increase the stresses around the holes.




Any of you have already encountered this problem and founded solution?
Thanks in advance