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Extrude Cut Question: Best way to make this cut?

Question asked by Alex Draeker on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by Alex Draeker

Hello everyone. I have yet another question having to do with cuts.


My question is rather simple. I am going to be posting pictures below with short descriptions to show my process in making this simple cut. My question is if this is the most effective/makes the most sense method to achieve my end goal. My end goal will be shown and described in the last picture.


In words, I am making a side plane cut that must follow a top plane border line. I cheat to achieve the same thing, but it takes many steps in order to do so.


Without further ado here is the process (Dimensions, relations, shapes, angles, do not have importance):


FExample 1.jpg

I just start off here with somethings that gives me a nice flat side to help show my problem.



Here is the sketch on the right side. I just threw in a bunch of dimensions to make it fully defined. I went for an abstract shape for no particular reason.




FExample 3.jpg

Here is the top guide line sketch I made. Basically, I want the the side sketch to act as a profile for an extrude cut, but different parts go different depths creating this above shape.



Of course it doesn't work. The program will not accept to use the above sketch as a guide curve. I have also tried making a plane on the level where the side sketch goes in, but that didn't work or make any sense.



Here is where I simply start cheating. I make the top sketch into a closed body profile.


After making the top sketch into a profile, I make my side sketch extrude cut until it would be at the deepest point of my top sketch. In this case, it was 7mm. After doing that, I just extrude down. This ends up leaving me with what I want, but I still have two features in the process of making it. I also can think of some cases where I wouldn't want to do anything like this, because it would ruin other extrude cuts above the side cut just as an example. Is there a better way to do this?


Thank you all very much in advance!


-Alex D