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    Allowing a cylinder to radially expand (thermal expansion) without translation (no X-, Y-, Z- displacement of the centerline)

    Scott TydCcmlhbnQ=

      How can the end of a cylinder (pipe) be fixed in such a manner that allows for radial expansion (thermal expansion) but does not allow the center-line of the cylinder to move in any direction (X-, Y-, or Z-axis)?


      Specifically, I am working with an expansion loop. If left insufficiently restricted, the pipe end will move any all 3 directions and thus provide false stress results.


      Applying a Fixture Geometry fixture also restricts the thermal expansion, providing falsely high stress results.


      Applying Fixtures on Cylindrical Faces can allow for thermal expansion, but restricts displacement in 1-axis only.


      Is there any way to grab an axis or reference point at the center-line of the pipe to restrict displacement without restricting radial expansion?