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    Mid surface extraction

    Gianmichele Bertini

      Hi all,

      I need to perform a FE linear analysis on a geometry pretty complex (see the cutted picture JPEG attached as example)

      The part that I have to perform FEA is a plastic part with many many ribs, rounds and draft walls. Also the thickness are variables and not constant (not more than 3 mm).

      If I do the mesh with solid tethraedeal, I get a model too big for my PC memory and it is diffcult to take into account other parameters of the study like contacts and bolt connections.ì and so on..


      I was wondering if someone has never approached a complex geometry (like a plastic complex and big part) with the extraction of mid surfaces. ???

      Doing like this it would allow to be able to mesh the surfaces with shell and getting a lighter model to manage.


      Any possibility to approach and extract the mid surfaces extraction with Solidworks ?

      I know that there is the command for create a mid surface, but I was wondering if exist an approach or a faster or more automatized procedure to reach this goal.


      Thanks in advance



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          Jared Conway

          is this all one part that you're trying to "Extract" as a single midsurface?


          this will unlikely be successful, most likely you should:

          1. make this simpler in general

          2. create your own surfaces to define the mid surfaces that are important

          • Re: Mid surface extraction
            James Riddell

            Mid surface extraction was easy in SDRC I-DEAS (many moons ago) but I believe it is way beyond SW capabilities.  What if you re-modeled that part using just surfaces (the mid ones) and apply the FEA using shell elements?  As an alternative you might try simplifying some of the geometry in non-critical areas and add shells in specific areas of interest.  Some of that in the lower right of your pic looks as if it might be cosmetic and could be represented by a uniform wall, IDK.  Also, if you take out as many radii as practical it will simplify the meshing just watch for stress risers.