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Mid surface extraction

Question asked by Gianmichele Bertini on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by Jim Riddell

Hi all,

I need to perform a FE linear analysis on a geometry pretty complex (see the cutted picture JPEG attached as example)

The part that I have to perform FEA is a plastic part with many many ribs, rounds and draft walls. Also the thickness are variables and not constant (not more than 3 mm).

If I do the mesh with solid tethraedeal, I get a model too big for my PC memory and it is diffcult to take into account other parameters of the study like contacts and bolt connections.ì and so on..


I was wondering if someone has never approached a complex geometry (like a plastic complex and big part) with the extraction of mid surfaces. ???

Doing like this it would allow to be able to mesh the surfaces with shell and getting a lighter model to manage.


Any possibility to approach and extract the mid surfaces extraction with Solidworks ?

I know that there is the command for create a mid surface, but I was wondering if exist an approach or a faster or more automatized procedure to reach this goal.


Thanks in advance